Life is not meant to be done on our own. God designed us to need people, thus why he created someone for Adam from the very beginning in Genesis and why he created the church. Even Jesus Himself had His disciples that He leaned on for support. We need fellowship to gain wisdom from others’ experiences, celebrate during their joys, and encourage during times of difficulty. We need each other!

You are invited to take a glimpse into my day to day life joys and struggles through my blog! I am open and honest about what's I'm thinking, feeling, or experiencing.  Please respect the thoughts of myself and others.  Feel free to leave a comment or share a similar experience that relates to what I write about, and I will try to keep it fairly up to date. Click the box below.  Enjoy!

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Ms. Wheelchair California, 2009

Feel free to visit the Ms. Wheelchair California website at to learn more about the program and to become a contestant in next year's pageant.  To read more about Alyson Roth's personal journey during her reign as Ms. Wheelchair California, click here.