“An incredibly gifted and anointed communicator, Alyson is totally honest and transparent, sharing from her heart…her pain, her disappointment, her hope and her journey towards peace and healing in Jesus Christ…truly a women after God’s own heart!”

Pastor Ruben and Gayla Ortega
Sierra Vista Community Church
Las Cruces, New Mexico

“It is commonplace for people to wear their circumstances on their faces. The same is true of Alyson, except the circumstances” she chooses to wear are not those that happened to her, but rather, those that happened for her. Her face constantly displays the joy of knowing that the God of the Universe sacrificed everything for her and that she is his precious and loved child.

In the time I’ve known Alyson, she has been an inspirational example to me of living in light of God’s Grace rather than in light of your circumstances. And, while I highly recommend her to your church or organization for her ability to move and inspire a crowd with her testimony, I recommend even more just getting to know and spend time with her.”

Tony Guerrero
Former Director of Creative Arts, Saddleback Church
Lake Forest, California

“Watching Alyson overcome discouragement and truly dig in to all that God has planned for her life has been a faith building experience for me. She is an incredibly exciting woman, turned on for God, and surrendered to his purposes. Watching Alyson live her life is a real testimony to the truth that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.”

Alva Copeland
Worship Leader, Saddleback Church
Lake Forest, California

"Alyson Roth might be a bit confined physically, but her powerful faith WALKS! From the few days after her accident until now, she has been an inspiration to me and others.  Alyson communicates her story with grit and grace, and she fine-tunes our lenses of faith, helping us see the miracles that abound."

Dr. Jim Barnette
Director of Ministerial Formation; Pastor; Author
Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama

"Alyson has persisted with strength and courage in knowing God and helping others experience His unfailing love.  God uses her loving and caring spirit to change people's lives, and I count it a joy and blessing to be a part of Alyson's journey and to have received God’s love and message from her."
Steve Hughes
Pastor, CrossWay Tribe of Jesus, Yosemite National Park
A Ministry of the California Southern Baptist Convention & the North American Mission Board