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Throughout life, we are all faced with challenges and obstacles in which we have to make a decision of how
to handle them. The reaction may be quick and hasty
or more thought out and purposeful, but the decision is
ultimately a direct reflection of what we believe in
our spirit to be true. Even a decision to do nothing is a decision!

My life has proven to be no more or no less than exactly what God has been willing to see me through, despite the result of my decisions. I am so thankful that He has never given up on me! I invite you to walk with me in this journey of healing, restoration, and forgiveness as together we learn to trust God’s desire to draw us closer to Him, no matter what the circumstance.

By God's grace, we are all able to accomplish our best through admission, submission, perserverance, and humility! Life is good!



Ms. Wheelchair California, 2009
2nd Runner Up, Ms. Wheelchair America 2010