Musical aptitude is prevalent in all children, but sometimes it takes a gentle nudge for those skills to be developed. Did you know? Music facilitates the four main learning modalities that educators often consider: kinesthetic (moving), visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), and tactile (touching). Research shows that studying music improves one's health, strengthens brain function, raises IQ and academic performance, and aides in emotional well-being to name a few. You want your child to study music! 

Private Music Lessons

Currently, private violin lessons are being offered to beginner students (ages 5 -13), intermediate students, and advanced students. Lessons are offered in 30 minute and 60 minute increments. (Please make note that rates have changed as of January 1, 2019.


About Ms. Roth

Ms. Roth has been playing the violin for over 25 years. Presently, she sits as Assistant Concertmaster of the Mariposa Symphony Orchestra of which she's been a member since 2013. She has studied under the instruction of Jeffery Z. Flaniken, Valerie Gardner, Rachel Ramsey, and Dr. James Middleton. Ms. Roth joined the education field in 2002 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Music as well as a Master of Science in Education. She has conducted workshops at national music conventions, is Orff Level I certified, has taught in the public, private, and Title I school sectors, and uses different modalities in her teaching style to capture the attention of those around her. Ms. Roth's passion for children is a joy to watch!

Get started!

Are you ready to see your child rise to the next level? I'd be happy to help foster his or her musical ability! 

Please contact Ms. Roth at or 559-692-0155 to schedule lessons.